First and foremost, The Culpeper is a pub. One with a rich and colourful history dating back to 1850.

But it is also a restaurant, hotel, rooftop garden and urban farm.

We acquired this old Victorian building (then The Princess Alice) during the summer 2012, and, to keep a long story short, refurbished and opened as The Culpeper in June 2014. The restaurant on the first floor followed in 2015, as did the rooftop garden and greenhouse. The latest additions were the bedrooms which followed in Spring 2016.

Our namesake is the endlessly inspiring Spitalfields local, Nicholas Culpeper, a 17th century herbalist, botanist, astrologer and physician. He was a controversial and heroic figure who devoted his time to treating those unable to afford medical help.

Our first floor is an English bistro focusing on well sourced ingredients cooked with classical techniques. We support growers who put soil health front and centre, farmers who focus on native breads, and fishermen who understand and respect the delicate balance of our seas.

Our vision to open the whole building worked beyond our wildest dreams and we continue to work hard to keep it an exceptional place to visit and have a great time. We hope our food is full of flavour, our hospitality is warm and friendly and you leave feeling good about life.

Indoor & Outdoor