The rooftop is the reason we acquired the building, we see rooftops as underused spaces in the modern city. A space for mechanical plant and air conditioning units is the current status quo – why not utilise that space for growing food? It is better for the environment long term, help educate the local community by doing so and ultimately it will contribute to improving urban quality of life, create jobs and provide the freshest food possible.

We are not competing with rural farmers that we love, are irreplaceable and on which cities will always rely on for the vast majority of the food – we just want to do our best to grow as close to where it will be consumed as humanly possible.

We are lucky that the building used to have two further floors (there are a few stories about what happened to them) so we know that the building can support that but just to be on the safe side we’ve had structural engineers rate our loading to much more than we need.

We dream of a network of rooftop growing spaces with associated pubs. Each rooftop featuring a space to learn about, be inspired by, grow, and cook with locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

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