The big idea

We aim to improve our collective spaces intelligently, putting community and sustainability at the heart of every project. By thinking beyond traditional borders, we’re redefining our environment from design to property to agriculture. Because tomorrow’s urban utopia starts with concrete action today.

The Culpeper Family

Our group of pubs, restaurants and hotels across London, all with a mission to positively impact our world by using hospitality as a force for good.

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London Standard

Our innovative property development business, working throughout the South East of the United Kingdom, using imagination and specialist skills to unlock each project’s true potential.

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R+T Studio

Our architectural design practice, reimagining how places, spaces and buildings can work to support sustainability and positively impact the community.

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Ethical Land

Our sustainable farming collective site in central London, providing urban allotments to grow fruit, vegetables, medicinal herbs and more, measuring the positive impact season after season.

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